It’s out! Today Icthus is available to download on the App Store!

Icthus is a Bible that has been redesigned for the modern reader. If you look at most of the Bible apps available today, it is clear that they are lagging behind in the mobile revolution. They have followed the design and function of printed Bibles very closely. Icthus is an app built from the ground up to make reading the Bible as easy and seamless as possible.

This means that Icthus is designed for reading - not for reference like most of the Bibles we have today. Most Bibles have chapter and verse numbers throughout the text so that you can find a specific verse. They have headings for each section, so you can know the context when you look up a passage. There are footnotes that show cross-references to other parts of the Bible, or give alternate translations or definitions. Some Bibles have even inserted letters to divide verses into even smaller pieces.

The problem with this reference and study material is that when you are ready to just read it doesn’t go away. That’s why Icthus exists. Because much of the time, all we need are the words.

When you open Icthus you will find just the text of the Bible, exactly as it was written. The typography has been carefully designed to feel comfortable and readable. If you need chapter and verse numbers you can swipe to the left to see them. Icthus remembers where you were in each book, so you can always pick up where you left off. Everything is set up so that you can just read the most important books we have.

Icthus has been my passion for the last 8 months, and I hope that if reading the Bible is something you do, this will make it a little bit better for you.